I got this electronic/industrial/rock vibe from #Yeezus. Opening track set it up, though not lyrical in nature. #Blackskinhead great beat and juxstaposition of differing noises. Felt very underground; there’s this sense of urgency in the escalation of drum beat, echoing, layering of voices. It’s harsh but it works. #IamaGod – song is less literal than the title itself; liked the experiment with electronics and deep vocals, heavy breathing/screaming noises to construct a background beat. #NewSlaves – still electronic but a bit more lyrical and hiphop; love the message about consumer identity and material obsession. #HoldMyliquor- okay, helped further established rowdy vibe. Im in it- fantastic combination of sounds, it’s dancehall and rock with a heavy hiphop beat, dog barking, accented electronically with noises here and there. Very noisy and rough. Blood on the leaves - feels like old kanye at some points with the autotune, loved the heavy ominous beat and piano. #Guilttrip- not too memorable, it was fine for me, just another experimentation with sound. #Senditup- electronic sirenlike noises plus decent lyrics and simple chorus; nice dancehall twist. #Bound2- epitome of old kanye; nostalgic/old school but still new in its quick switch of tempo and sounds. Yeezus is grim, jarring, experimental. It’s not about the lyrics more about the combination of different sounds for creation of the harsh electronic dancehall rock meets trap rap vibe. It felt like a massive beautiful headache.

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